Course Equivalency

[Overseas] Course:
[CBS] Course:

Please read important information below prior to a course search:

1. "Approved" means the overseas courses are equivalent to CBS courses which have not been taken yet by former outgoing students. Students should check which semester the course will be opened referring to the previous academic calendar courses. For example, you are suggested to recheck courses of Fall 2017 in case you participate the exchange program in Fall 2018.

2. 2-credit course cannot be transferred to 3-credit course. You are required to recheck CREDITS/ECTS with the confirmed course lists sent by the partner university and read the Credits Transfer Regulations carefully. Once you have found that CREDITS/ECTS are not matched, please contact P’Boom to make sure whether you are able to take that course or not. Otherwise, you may not graduate within 4 years.

3. Students are not allowed to take the graduate courses. However, students who nominated to the partner university in France will be exempted as they are nominated to Grand-Ecole Program.

4. Students who wish to take summer courses in partner universities, especially in the United States, prior to the beginning of Fall semester are required to pay tuition fee and other required fees to the partner university yourself. It is not included in the exchange program.

5. Our experience in the past is that overloading has not worked to the student’s advantage as you put yourselves under additional stress and as a result your overall marks can be affected. We all want our students to have a positive experience whilst you are on exchange. Therefore, our firm policy is to say NO to any requests for overload.