Course Equivalency

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Course Equivalency

Since the most important thing for exchange semester is courses and credits to be transferred and to avoid any problem in the future, you are suggested to follow the instructions below:

     1. Course equivalency results showing in the below table are subject to change every semester. You should not rely on it 100 % but you are suggested to recheck the partner university's website for up-to-date courselist or contact BBA Office for information. For example, you may refer to the courselist or class schedule in the Fall 2019 if you want to join exchange semester in the Fall 2020.

     2. If there are changes on course code, name or content, you are suggested to contact the BBA Office for the new process of course mapping. Or if you find some new potential courses, you are suggested to do so.

        For a new course mapping process, please contact P' Oil or P' Yod   by sending the following details.  It should take a week to know the
        - Your name:
        - Your ID number:
        - Your major of study:
        - University:
        - Course codes & names:
           For example: Chula 2602371 Prin Intl Bus Mgt = Abroad BUS 401 Intro to Intl Bus Mgt
        - Links for the partner's course syllabus or attached course syllabus

     3. Number of credits can be different each university. Please make sure that it is equal to our one 3-credit Chula course. It is ECTS for European credit and it must be at least 4 ECTS to be equal to our one 3-credit Chula course. For example, each course awarded 4, 5, 6 or 7 ECTS should be transferred back to one 3-credit Chula course only.

     4. You are allowed to transfer up to 21 credits or 7 courses in a semester according to the regulations. However, the number of courses or credits will be different each university which it can be 4 to 7 courses. Just note that 30 ECTS is the maximum for Europe. If one course is 6 ECTS, you can transfer 5 courses back to Chula.

     5. If you want to join the summer program/school aboard with credits transfer, course mapping process should be done by the application deadline. Summer program/school is not necessary to be our partner but must be qualified and approved by the BBA Office. In addition, taking courses for knowledge or experience or without credit transfer is no need to contact the BBA Office for course mapping process. 

    6. There are 2 types of summer program/school: Summer Exchange (no tuition fee payment abroad) and Summer Free Mover (tuition fee payment abroad is on your own). Please check our BBA website or contact in person for more information about qualifications, application process and deadline

   7.  Study Plan: You are suggested to prepare at least 3 plans just in case and to avoid any problem in the future.  This form must be approved and signed by the BBA Office in advance or before you submit an online exchange application.  You can download the form in the BBA's website.  Basically, the form must include the following details: